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2024 CX Management for Life Sciences conference
Providing proof of CX commercial value @2024 CXM for Life Science
Dr. Christian Velten speaking at 2024 Reuters Pharma Barcelona conference
Back @Reuters Pharma 2024 with Roche VoC and real-life proof of commercial value
9th Annual CX Conference
Using Metrics to Communicate Commercial Value of CX @2024 Annual CX Conference
Jeff Bezos 2010
Jeff Bezos: “Be worried about customers not competitors” (video)
AI and business hand in hand
Top 7 ‘AI for customer service’ discussion themes
CXN Live
CXN free online event on the Future of CX (Dec 5-6)
The AI mantra for customer services
The AI mantra for customer services @CX Network
7th World Class Digital Customer Experience Conference
Mastering CX in Pharma: Applying Universal Methodologies for Success @2023 World Class Digital CX conference
Developing a Voice of the Customer mindset | Alex Genov on Engati CX
Developing a Voice of the Customer mindset (video)
CXN Live
CXN free online event on Digital CX (Nov 14-15)
Indegene Summit 2023
Are you paying for transformation to fail?, panel discussion @2023 Indegene Digital Summit
Measuring CX Performance
“The state of pharma CX”
PwC strategy& white paper on pharma CX
PwC white paper on rise of CX in pharma
From old old to new way of working
From ‘old old’ to new
CXN Live
CXN free online event on Generative AI in CX (Oct 10-11)
patient co-deciding
Elevating Customer Service in Pharma
CXN Live
CXN free online event on Voice of the customer (Sep 19-20)
VoC and martket research
6 differences between VoC and Market Research
Christian Velten @ 2023 CX for Life Sciences conference
Speaking about Roche trailblazing Pharma VoC @2023 CXM for Life Science
Porsche 111 video
Porsche’s “You mean a 911? No, a 111!” (video)
My Vodafone experience
My Vodafone Germany experience
Hafners CX podcast
Podcast episode on CX Management@Pharma
Chrisian Velten @Reuters Pharma 2023 in Barcelona
Speaking about VoC@Pharma @Reuters Pharma 2023
Elevate Spotify podcast by MAPS
What Pharma Medical Affairs can learn from Amazon about insights mining (podcast episode)
Delivering Customer Experiences That Connect in a Post-Pandemic World
“Delivering Customer Experiences That Connect in a Post-Pandemic World” (webinar recording)
Virtual interview of Urs Voegeli, Managing Director Janssen Switzerland
“Breaking internal silos to ensure patient centricity is a key focus company-wide” (webinar)
Stop ...
Stop defining CX (just) as insights
Medical Omnichannel Engagenment
Medical Omnichannel Engagement panel discussion
Zappos True Customer Story
Zappos True Customer Story (video)
enterprise ambition CX
Who in the company is in charge of CX?
CX 3.0 Conference 2022
“How to Build an Omnichannel Customer Experience”
patient co-deciding
6 reasons why the patient is the pharma customer
How to make metrics guiding CX in pharma? – Meet me in Zurich
‘Compliance’ is part of the solution
Internal hurdles with the patient being a customer
complexity of CX transformation
Is Pharma simply swamped by CX transformation?
The Charles-Ozzy persona
Get beyond sociodemographic twins … to shared experiences of life
Women’s Champions League Final 2017
Do you need a dedicated corporate CX strategy?
design funnel mapped to clinical development phases.
Sketch of a design funnel … for pharma people
Stop ...
Stop defining CX (just) as an outcome
CXN Live
CXN Live: Customer journey management 2022 – free online event (Apr 13-15)
pharma physician discussion
Overcoming the schism in pharma customer engagement
plane taking off
When everything seem to be going against you …
Can it help to think of patients as customers?"
Mark Doyle challenging me on “the patient = the customer”
Nestle DAT
The Nestlé approach to digital acceleration
CXN Live
CXN Live: Customer self-service 2022 – free online event (Mar 29-30)
VoC at Toyota GB
How Toyota GB uses VoC to improve the customer experience (video)
Next Pharma Summit 2022 panel discussion
Omnichannel transformation: job well done?! @ NEXT Pharma Summit 2022
omnichannel vs multi-channel
What is the difference between multi-channel and omnichannel?
CXN Live
CXN Live: Voice of the customer 2022 – free online event (Feb 15-17)
CXN Live
Predictive CX 2022 – free online seminar by CX Network (Jan 25-26)
KPN CX use case clip
Customer community for support and ideation
10 CX industry stats
Blake Morgan’s 10 stats that show the power of the CX industry
Customer Bliss #142
5 key actions to help a CX leader stay ahead of market disruption
The CX Leader's Manual by Steven Van Belleghem
Free “CX Leader’s manual” eBook by Steven Van Belleghem
Pharma Digital CX News RSS
Subscribe to Pharma Digital CX News
T-Mobile NL CX use case clip
Online customer community boosting customer service
Jeff Bezos
Taking anecdotal feedback serious
MAPS event "The power of digital in medical affairs"
MAPS “The Power of Digital in Medical Affairs” on Dec 16th
The dancing guy
Leadership by a dancing guy
CX Management for Lifesciences 2021
Meet me @CX for Life Science virtual conference on Dec 9/10
Medical Affairs digital capabilities
Capabilities required for Digital Medical Affairs
CX trnasformation metrics webinar
“CX transformation: the metrics that matter” (webinar recording)
Does your customer portal meet customer needs … or yours?
Reuters seminar on “Becoming a CX Visionary” featuring CVS Health & Bloomfire
Prof. Lieven Annemans
What clinicians want to know about the health economic profile of new drugs (free webinar)
Panel on Modernise Medical Affairs
Panel on Modernizing Medical Affairs
CX value chain
Mike Michael Hinshaw (Adobe) on the customer experience value chain
Little Disney lady
5 Things Healthcare Organizations Can Learn From Disney
Think outside of the box
20 real life CX inspirations by Blake Morgan
Oliver Sacks - His Own Life
Watch this movie if you can
20 Best CX Metrics for Your Business
Inspiring overview of CX metrics’ types
Jane Chen TED talk
Reality inspiring innovation
the patient human
The patient’s view
The Digital Health Coalition
Pharma: “The Customer Experience Landscape in 2021”
DBS Bank CX use case clip
Transforming CX by using journey maps
PillPack by Amazon
PillPack (by Amazon) is NPS-outperfoming pharmacy market
Teamwork in office
Sketch of a high performing CX team
MailChimp CX use case clip
How MailChimp turned data into action
SAGE Software CX use case clip
Turning B2B insights into actions
pharma customer ecosystem
Who is the pharma customer?
CX thought leadership series
What does Digital Adoption mean?
Etsy CX use case clip
Cross-functional collaborative research
MAPS Global Townhall 2020
Digital innovation in Medical Affairs
Reuters Pharma Awards 2020
Roche internal patient community won Reuters Pharma Award Europe 2020
Daniel Ord on CX Day 2020
CX Day Greeting 2020 by Daniel Ord
Stop ...
Let’s stop calling ourselves “customer”
Burger Bullet mockup and testing
“Burger Bullet” prototyping and mock-testing
The rise of the digital HCP
The rise of the digital HCP
American Cancer Society CX use case clip
Outcome-driven CX measurement by a medical association
Aardman COPD Greater Manchester animation
Give patients a voice by telling their stories
caring for the patient
Why it is good being a customer
patients' diversity
Getting more diversity in clinical trials
Buiness people talking
Joining a cross-industries CX council
“User experience is everything.”
stay close to sunshine people
Blake Morgan’s 101 Of The Best Customer Experience Quotes